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When searching for information about accessibility and travel on the
Internet, it can be useful to know some basic key words in different
languages. We have tried to make a list of the most common words we have
used to gather the information on our pages:

D:    Germany
DK:  Denmark
ES:  Spain
FR:  France
IT:   Italy
NL:  The Netherlands (Holland)
N:    Norway
SE:  Sweden

Contact us by e-mail if you have tips about key words in your language.

Accessibilità (IT)
Accessibilité (FR)
Accesibilidad (ES)
Tilgjengelighet (N, DK)
Tillgänglighet (SE)
Toegankelijkheid (NL)
Zugänglichkeit (D)

Access guide
Behindertenführer (D)
Handicapguide (DK)
Handikappguide (SE)
Guia Accesible (ES)
Guide Accessible (FR)
Stadtführer (D)
Tilgjengelighetsguide (N)
Tillgänglighetsguide (SE)

Accesible (ES)
Accessible (FR)
Accessibile (IT)
Accesso per disabili (IT)
Barrierefrei (D)
Esteetön (FI)
Tilgjengelig (N)
Tilgængelig (DK)
Tillgänglig (SE)
Toegankelijk (NL)
Zugänglich (D)

Disibilita (IT)
Handicap (numerous languages)
Handikap (N)
Funksjonshemning (N)
Funktionshinder (SE)
Behinderung (D)
Discapacidad (ES)
Mobilitätseinschränkung (D)
Bevegelseshemning (N)
Funksjonsnedsettelse (N)

Disabled / disabled people
Behindert / Behinderten (D)
Bevegelseshemmet / Bevegelseshemmede (N)
Bævægelseshæmmet / Bævægelseshæmmede (DK)
Disabili (IT)
Gehandicapten (NL)
Funksjonshemmet / Funksjonshemmede (N)
Funktionshindrad / Funktionshindrade (SE)
Handicapé/Personnes handicapées (FR)
Handicappet / Handicappede (DK)
Handikappet / Handikappede (N)
Invaliden (D, NL)
Mindervaliden (NL)

Minusválidos (ES)
Personas con discapacidad (ES)

Grab bars
Haltegriffen (D)

Level access
Trinnfri atkomst (N)
Schwellenfreier Zugang (D)

Rampe (N)
Rampe (D)

Roll-in shower
Befahrbare Dusche (D)

Seated shower/shower chair
Duschsitz (D)
Dusjsete / sete i dusjen
Dusjstol (N)

"Tourism for all"
Turisme for alle (N, DK)
Tourisme pour tous (FR)
Tourismus für alle (D)
Turism för alla (SE)
Turismo para todos (ES)
Turismo per tutti (IT)

Fauteuil roulant (F)
Kørestol (DK)
Pyörätuolin (FI)
Rullstol (SE)
Rullestol (N)
Rolli (D)
Rollstuhl (D)
Rolstoel (NL)
Sedia a rotelle (IT)
Silla de ruedas (ES)

Wheelchair friendly / wheelchair adapted
Accessibile a sedie a rotelle (IT)
Adaptada (ES)
Adapté aux personnes se déplaçant en fauteuil roulant (FR)
Behindertengerechten (D)
Rolstoeltoegankelijk (NL)
Rolstoelvriendelijk (NL)
Rullestolvennlig (N)
Rullestoltilpasset (N)
Rullstolsanpassad (SE)
Accesible para personas con silla de ruedas (ES)

Wheelchair users

Personnes en fauteuil roulant (FR)

Rollstuhlfahrer (D)
Rolstoelgebruikers (NL)
Rullestolbrukere (N)
Personas con silla de ruedas (ES)

"Without barriers"
Ohne Hindernisse (D)
Sin barreras (ES)
Sans barrières (FR)
Sonder Drempels (NL)
Uten hindringer (N)













The entries given for any location are not meant to be a complete list of accessible facilities or services at that location, but a representation of the accessible facilities and services there.

It is our goal to provide accurate and up to date information about access. However the information comes from many different sources, mistakes and typos can occur, things change and each persons needs are different. Therefore Wheel the World is not responsible for any cost, injury, damage or inconvenience caused by the use of this information. It is the responsibility of each user and we urge them to, verify that any facility or service they intend to use is suitable for them. However, if you find any information here inaccurate or outdated please notify us and we will make the appropriate correction.